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Generator Hire Scotland 

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Event Generator Hire

From weddings to music festivals, power is essential. Providing power to Scotland is our job. Our hire process is efficient, worry free and solutions orientated. Designed to keep the show on the road!


We stock generators suitable for uses such as:

  • Events 

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Property maintenance 

We offer a complete power supply service that complies with BS7909 (Electrical legislation for outdoor events) you can receive full certification on completion of works if required. Many companies do not offer this, as they should. Within events legislation should be followed for the safety of everyone, should something go wrong this could result in the event organiser being held for neglect.

From an event in a back garden, to a music show. If electronics are involved there are certain guide lines to follow.

Full power distribution includes cables and sockets to catering, bar, stage, toilets, main marquee/tipi lighting, plus any other reasonable socket requests. We only use quality distribution from reputable suppliers.

Generator uses / sectors


If you are planning a small gathering or large large scale event, we have the correct power hire solution for you. We prioritize safety throughout the hire. Our processes ensure that all aspects are signed off, understood and implemented, including a 24 hour contact line to ensure quick response to any issue that may arise.

We can discuss your event to understand your specific needs, add insightful tips and advice if necessary.

  • Weddings

  • Festivals

  • food trucks

Agriculture & farming

Agriculture generator solutions to aid in mechanical production facilities, automated feed systems, backup power & cooling and heat. A power shortage can halt production instantly, don't be caught out. 

  • Water pumping & distribution

  • Grain drying 

  • Seasonal emergency power

  • Easily movable, on skid plates & towable

Facilities management

We can provide power to support ongoing repairs and maintenance, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. With increased demand we can increase power capacity in short notice. 

Emergency planning service

We work closely with venues, flats & commercial buildings to ensure that in the case of an emergency there is a recovery plan and procedure to minimise disruption if anything is to arise. 


Our range of cost effective generators & heating / drying hire solutions work perfectly within the construction and building industry. We can support in specific project requirements from unplanned, back up power to heating & drying solutions. With equipment to ensure jobs run smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Construction

  • Building

  • Welding

Distribution & cabling

Our dedicated administration staff and delivery department will ensure the correct accessories are chosen and installed correctly.

  • Depending on requirements we can ensure you have the most efficient generator according to size & output, creating the most cost efficient package for you. 

  • Stocking a range of distribution boards, load panels, electrical cabling & switchboards suitable for single & three phase generators.

  • Our products are fully tested and certified, complying with required standards for maximum reliability and that peace of mind.

Fuel management

Stationary bulk storage

  • We can offer stationary bulk fuel storage tanks on site to increase the running time for your generators. 

  • Environmental protection is a high priority, our storage tanks are fully bunded.

Quick fuel delivery

  • If you’re going to be running your generator for extended periods of time, or have it running constantly over a few days then it’s important that you don’t run out of fuel. 

  • With this service you can rely on your generators to provide continuous power.

  • With our refuelling vehicles that can access all areas, easily scheduling deliveries for breaks & down times. 

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11Kva Generator hire Glasgow
11Kva Generator hire Glasgow

11Kva 230v 12h runtime @ 100% 42L tank 68db @ 1m 480Kg

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125Kva Generator Hire Glasgow
125Kva Generator Hire Glasgow

125Kva 230/400v 11.4h runtime @ 100% 275L tank 75db @ 1m 1570Kg 3 Phase 3 Phase

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We also supply portable toilets 

We are able to supply single & luxury 2+1 toilets to your event with a generator.

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