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Marquee hire Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

Marquee hire throughout Scotland,Fully transparent pricing , Quality guaranteed & Providing Everything You Need for the perfect garden party!

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How much does a marquee hire cost?

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The average price to hire a marquee is £400-£1100

Have you an occasion coming up that are looking to hire a marquee for? Our guide here along with our prices chart below can give you guidance on what the cost of your marquee may be.


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Marquee hire cost in Scotland?

The price of hiring a marquee can differ vastly, this depends on a few factors. Basic items like furniture, size, heating & lighting can change the end price of a marquee hire. For a 20-50 guest event in your garden party could come to
Minimum cost is around £340
Average cost is around £860

Some factors that influence the price of a marquee hire

  • Internal decorations

  • Size of the marquee

  • Number of guests

  • Type of furniture

  • Lighting

  • Heating

  • Flooring

  • Toilets 

  • Location - How far will a company have to drive to get to you, will a ferry be needed?

Marquee hire location

We cover the whole of Scotland from the borders and beyond, the central belt including Glasgow & Edinburgh right up to Aberdeen and above. We do travel to many of the Scottish islands, however these often involve high delivery costs & staff boarding. 

You may also decide that you want to simplify the process and hire our generators & Toilets, these will increase the delivery cost as additional vehicles may be needed.
Like most services that are provided, the location of the marquee will have a direct effect on the price.
This includes:

  • Distance

  • Ground surface

  • Ground slope

  • Access

  • Staff boarding

6m wide marquee hire (10-90 Guests)

  • 6mx6m - £220

  • Seats  32-40 at tables

  • Seats 16-20 with a dance floor

  • Standing up to 50 guests

  • Festoon lighting £20

  • Tables + chairs 32 Guests £110.4

  • Plastic flooring £90

6x6m Marquee Package 2.jpg
6x6m Marquee Package 1.jpg

6x6m marquee hire

The 6m wide marquees are best for small gathering and garden parties. These are some of the best extras for this size marquee.

Popular add ons we recommend for any events

  • Single Toilet unit hire £55 (Hire with a marquee & save money)

  • Panoramic window walls £12.5 each 3m panel (most popular)

  • Heating £180, Includes fuel

  • Bluetooth speaker £15

9m wide marquee hire (30-180 Guests)

  • 9x9m marquee £482

  • Seats up to 48 at round tables

  • Seats 15-30 with a dance floor

  • Standing 115 guests

  • Festoon lighting £30

  • Tables + chairs 48 Guests £153.6

  • Plastic flooring £202.5

9x9m marquee hire

Our 9m wide marquees are best for small to medium scale events from 30- 500 guests. Ideal for weddings, events & festivals.

Popular add-ons we recommend for any event:

  • 1+1 Luxury toilet trailer £540

  • Bar unit £135

    Panoramic window walls £12.5 each 3m panel (most popular)

  • Lining 3m bay £

12m wide marquees
  • 12x12m clearspan marquee £850

  • Seats 128-160 at tables

  • Seats 64-80 with a dance floor

  • Standing 160 guests

  • Festoon lighting 

  • Wooden flooring 

  • Plastic flooring 

12x12m marquee cost

To take advantage of the discount, call us now to booking as a package.

Some add ons often hired out with these marquees are:

  • Luxury toilet trailer

  • Bar

  • Generator

  • Panoramic roof panels

  • Panoramic window walls (most popular)

  • Lining

  • Heating

  • Catering tent

You may be interested in :

Pole tents, Pagodas or Gazebos

6x12m Pole tent hire
6m Pagoda.jpeg

Size of Marquee
The biggest factor influencing the price of a marquee is the size. The size changes the amount of lighting, heating, flooring and furniture that is needed.
The price of a marquee without extras:
6x6m marquee - £220
6x9m marquee - £320
6x12m marquee - £420
9x9m marquee - £482
9x12m marquee - £633

If you are on a budget there are still options, we provide a range of gazebos for hire throughout Scotland. Starting at £75 for a 3x3m, along with packages that include the cost of everything that you may need for a garden celebration.

What is a marquee?
A marquee is an outdoor structure that is used as a space for events of all kinds including functions, weddings & parties to name a few. Marquees can come in almost any size and can have clear windows or white walls. Marquees compared to other structures are wind proof, water proof and can be complexly designed with dance floors to buffet seating.

Choosing your perfect hire company

Do I need to hire a Marquee?
Organising an event can involve multi tasking – and that’s without the stress of picking the perfect venue.

Regardless of the kind of party you’re throwing, one of the best options you can opt for is marquee hire. A marquee or gazebo enables you to cater to almost any kind of celebration while providing almost infinite of design options for layout and your own style of decoration.

When hiring a venue for a party, meeting or even a wedding, the capacity for guests can be limited (depending on how big the venue is). hiring a large event tents (marquee) afford you some flexibility with the number of guests you can house at any one time.

Marquees can also be set up in a variety of locations, allowing you the freedom to have your party in a more picturesque setting. Holding events on farms or beaches can make the whole experience that more exciting for you and your guests.

As well as customising the location where you’re having your event, you are also able to specify the design or look and feel of your gazebo. Even with minimal customisation, gazebos make for an arresting sight. They can come with flooring and windows and can make for a welcome change to a typical function room.

Setting up your marquee wherever you like also enables you to have added privacy – hiring a marquee in a unique place lets you do away with disruptions that may occur when renting a room in a busy hotel or pub. Marquees also come with a variety of additional services – these can be anything from customised interiors or lighting to themes 
and services to enhance your event like luxury toilets & Generators.

How will the Marquee be set up?
Once we have decided on what type marquee you're interested in we can arrange a site visit to check if the marquee, have a chat about your event & if you have any tweeks to the layout for your events.

Once you’ve decided on the type of marquee or pole tent you want to hire, we will send you a quote. We typically for marquees set up on Thursday or Friday for weekend events and then take down and collect the marquee on Monday or Tuesday.


What types of Marquee are there?

We stock a variety of marquees, bound to be something to match whatever event you’re throwing. Below are some of the types of marquee availble.

  • Clearspan marquees are held up by an A frame, meaning they do not need support on the inside. As there is no need for supporting poles, the layout of these marquees can be whatever you desire.

  • Pole tent marquees are constructed using ropes and poles. Their elegant style is good for garden parties. They have a striking appearance and can be styled on the inside to look particularly modern.

  • Pagoda marquees have the appearance of traditional Chinese hats. They typically lack any sides but can have these added if needed. They are a good type of marquee for a wide range of events.

  • Gazebo (pop up) marquees are the best for small garden parties. They can come with floorin, lighting, heating and furniture. They are a good type of marquee for a wide range of events.

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