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Dance floor hire Glasgow & Edinburgh

Glasgow gazebo hire  now offer dance floor hire throughout Scotland. 

We have a choice of dance floors; black and white dance floors and wooden dance floor hire.  Our dance floors come in a few sizes.

Dance floor hire prices


Black and white dance floor hire

  • Black & white dance floor 12x12ft  - £340

  • Black & white dance floor 16x16ft - £450

  • Black & white dance floor 20x20ft - £600

Dance floor events

What events are dance floors used for?

Our dance floors are used for different types of events, they help encourage your guests to get up and dance! 

We deliver to private parties, venues & conferences all over Scotland daily. Our dance floors are used for:

  • Weddings

  • Parties

  • Birthdays​

You may also need a staging for your event.

What dance floor is best for you?

  • 20x20ft dance floor is big enough for 250 guests & 100 dancer

  • 18x18ft dance floor is big enough for 200 guests & 80 dancers

  • 16x16ft dance floor is big enough for 150 guests & 60 dancers

  • 14x14ft dance floor is big enough for 120 guests & 35 dancers

  • 12x12ft dance floor is big enough for 80 guests & 25 dancers

  • 14x14ft dance floor is big enough for 120 guests & 35 dancers

Dance floor hire Q&A

How much is a dance floor?

Dance floor hire price can vary depending on what you eventually go for. The size, type, duration of hire & distance will effect this. Prices start at £200 and can get to £450.

Do I need a dance floor for my event?

Do I need to hire a dance floor? Not every event or wedding specifically needs a dance floor, however if you are wanting to dance with friends and partners or if you have booked a band or live entertainment it encourages people to dance.

Do you fit the dance floor?

We deliver, fit and collect the dance floor all over Scotland including Glasgow & Edinburgh. I you have a large or important event and are swamped with planning we have a dedicated team of delivery staff that can come to your venue, give you tips on where to place the dance floor or fit the dance floor exactly where you want. 

Can I collect my dance floor?

Dance floor collection is a service we offer from our unit in East Kilbride, Glasgow. This is the most popular option from our customers and its the most cost effective. Once you have booked with us we will give you a collection window, our staff will greet you and help load the dance floor into your car and give you a leaflet and pointer on how to install the dance floor.

If you. are not sure that your car is large enough, give us a call and we can check.

Dance floor T&Cs

  • The area must be suitable to lay the dance floor which includes being flat and clear of any debris. 

  • Not suitable to be installed directly onto grass.

  • Not suitable for a ceilidh and will result in the floor immediately being lifted and no refund given.

  • Must be completely covered to avoid rain.

  • Drinks must not be taken onto on the floor due to the electronics and not mopped with water.

  • Suitable load in area must be provided an extra charge may apply if no elevator.

  • Breaking these terms will result in the immediate removal of the floor and no refund given. 

  • Please see our full list of terms and conditions using the link at the bottom. 

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