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Glasgows & Scotlands Best Garden party hire

Garden party season is among us this summer in 2023. With bookings coming in for summer and limited availability, get in touch to make sure you don't miss out. 

Our range of tents are suited perfectly for garden parties from small 3x3m gazebos suitable for just 8 guests round a table up to hundreds of guests under a marquee shade in the garden having a BBQ.

We have a large range of add ons to suit any type of garden party, including different types of furniture, heating for cold nights, lighting and flooring for the muddiest garden. Our range of packages can help in the planning of your next garden party with packages from less than 10 people up to 100 guest packages and alternative pole tent packages for extra special celebrations.

If you are overwhelmed by the choice, fill in a form or give us a call and we can guide you through the process, today!


Garden party tents


For most garden parties, gazebos are perfect. Small to medium garden parties with guest number in the range of 5-40 as they come in a range of sizes to fit any garden. With heating, lighting, flooring and furniture they can become the main area for dancing or seating at a garden party.


Pagodas are perfect for medium sizes garden parties with a higher level of design than gazebos. Pagodas have no centre pole and look stunning, a single 6m pagoda comfortably seating up to 40 people and having space for a dance floor and bar when you book two.

Traditional pole tent

Traditional pole tents are the best looking garden party tent, suitable if you are looking for a stunning and memorable event. We have proudly hosted garden parties for wedding anniversaries, weddings & Nikah. With its towering king poles and with gorgeous shape windows you can really wow your guests with this tent for your next garden party.

Clearspan marquee

Large garden parties will need a clearspan marquee, with the ability to seat 20 -1000 people. Along with a high level of customisability they can be modified to fit any event imaginable.


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