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Pole Tent Hire Scotland

Scotland Pole tent Hire, with investment into new pole tents we have become the goto in Scotland for pole tents. With our two distinct styles of pole marquee, the classic look and the petal pole tent.

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Quality Pole Tent hire throughout Scotland

Our pole tents are hand made in the UK with high quality materials. Made to handle the wind, rain and shine all while looking elegant and stunning. 

We stock Scotlands largest range of pole tents from 6m wide tents perfect for special events with a small crowd up to 12m wide pole tents suitable for any large gathering or festival!

Here are some of the highlights of our pole tents:

  • ​Beautifully shaped High peak roof

  • Panoramic walls available

  • Entrance coverings available

  • Translucent material, making the tent come alive at night

  • Tall king poles give you a high ceiling and airy feel!

With extensive interior options from festoon or fairy lighting to the ability to hang flowers or have a wooden floor with a bar and dance floor. It can all be done, we are proud to work with our customers with sub hiring and recommending suppliers. 

Having Scotlands only small pole tents  for 20-100 guests and the largest stock, we are sure to have a stunning pole tent to fit your needs.

9m wide Pole tent Marquees

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The perfect size tent for extra special occasions, events, parties & gatherings. Call us today  for a quote or fill out a form below.

9x9m Pole tent Marquee
- Seated capacity up to 72
- Standing capacity up to 120

9x15m Pole tent Marquee
- Seated capacity up to 114

- Standing capacity up to 170


9x21m Pole tent Marquee
- Seated capacity up to 174
- Standing capacity up to 240

9x27m Pole tent Marquee
-- Seated capacity up to 258

- Standing capacity up to 290


Check out the customisations to your pole tent!

Pole tent customisation

Cassette Flooring hire Scotland.webp

Cassette Flooring

clear marquee hire.webp


Bar unit hire.webp


Marquee heater hire


Type of event

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Furniture & Table Linens

Tripe 3x4.5m gazebo with bar, flooring & lighting



Event Essentials

Toilet trailer hire.jpeg



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Commitment to Quality and Safety Assurance

The smooth and safe running of your event is important to you and important to us.

Here's a small list of what do to keep our equipment, vehicles operating like clockwork...

  • Constant servicing and maintenance of all equipment and vehicles

  • Constant cleaning upkeep of furniture

  • Formal inspection and PAT testing of all electrical equipment before each hire

  • Optimised and fuel efficient delivery routes, lowering emissions

  • Comprehensive Health & Safety systems and staff training

  • Daily meetings to assess and improve in the areas of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Productivity and Environment

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