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Terms of Service

General Terms:

All references to “us, we, the company etc” are in reference to Glasgow Gazebo Hire Ltd as an entity.

All references to “the customer” are regarding any individual, company or event planner who engages with Glasgow  Gazebo Hire Ltd in business in any form. 

The hire period is defined as the period from which the customer has paid for the goods hired, this is distinct from the operational period. 

The operational period is defined as the period between which the company delivers and collects the equipment, this  may include several days in advance and following the rental period though these are not charged as standard.



A deposit of 30% is required in order to book any services from the company

Deposit refundability in the 3 months leading up to the event is 0%, between 3 and 6 months 33% and beyond this is 50%

In the 2 months leading up to the event, the full hire fee is applicable and due, even in cases of customer cancellation.

The deposit may be used to reschedule the booking to a different date if  the event is not able to go ahead, this rescheduling must be made within 30 days of the cancellation of  the original event.

The hire charge is based on the hire period

Payment is due the day before delivery at the latest

The Company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue monies at the rate of 10% per annum above the bank base rate and varies from time to time. In addition, if the Customer defaults on payment the Company reserves the right to place the matter in the hands of their debt recovery agents, without prior warning in writing, and shall be entitled to a full reimbursement of any fees or disbursements paid to the debt recovery agent to aid recovery of monies outstanding to the Company.


Security of unattended equipment is the full responsibility of the hirer especially if the site is not the hirer’s land; we strongly advise that the hirer arranges security for the duration of the hire as losses will not be covered by the Company Insurance. The hirer will be responsible for all equipment hired until collected by Company employees. If there is a delay in collection then the hirer must ensure that all equipment is secured in order to prevent theft/damage. If the Company cannot gain access to equipment hired then this will remain the responsibility of the hirer until such times as it can be collected.

Damage Waiver

Our damage waiver is added by default to all orders that Glasgow Gazebo Hire Ltd

The Damage waiver does not provide coverage for the customer in the following situations: Improper use of equipment, Theft of equipment, Movement of “Fixed” Equipment, Cleaning of Overly soiled equipment


The Damage waiver provides coverage for accidental damages to equipment and damage that may occur during the regular use of the equipment. 


If damage is caused to equipment that is out with normal use e.g. paint staining, multiple broken chairs etc then the company reserves the right to charge the full replacement costs of any damaged  equipment.


The damage waiver will not provide coverage if it is clear that proper care has not been taken, such as leaving furniture outside, use of brute force etc even in the case of an accident


 If tape is used anywhere on any structure the company reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee


Underground Services

It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide the company with the location of any underground services (gas, water, electricity etc) that could be damaged by marquee fixing spikes. The hirer will be responsible for any costs associated with the repair to unmarked/unidentified services and associated costs relating to their interruption resulting from not being identified to the company.



It is expected that if flooring is ordered the ground will be suitably flat to accommodate the type of floor used. The company cannot be held responsible for any uneven finish to the floor caused by pitting or bumps on the surface beneath, the hirer should arrange to level surfaces as much as possible prior to marquee erection. If the marquee build is delayed or cancelled due to the site being ill prepared this may result in loss of the booking deposit and the Company cannot be held liable. Grass surfaces must be cut short and all debris including fouling by dogs must be removed prior to the build.

 Weather and Force Majeure

If the company deems the event or hire as unsafe due to any factors out with the reasonable control of the company including but not limited to extreme weather, then the company reserves the right to deny the delivery and fulfilment of the hire


Payment in the event of any force majeure is as followed:

The balance of the deposit is retained in full

The remaining balance of the hire will not be charged


The Company will not accept Liability and you may be liable for part/full hire fee:

When the marquee build is delayed or cancelled due to the site being inaccessible or ill prepared or in any instance where the site is deemed unsafe by Company representatives.

Delay or cancellation due to the hirer not obtaining appropriate permission from the public or local authority.

When water ballasts are used, any delay or cancellation due to no suitable water source being available. Suitable sources include a hydrant or fast flow mains supply. Household or domestic taps are not suitable - unless previously specified otherwise.

Charges may be applied where our staff are required to attend safety briefings or meetings before being permitted onto the site. We must be informed of this requirement at time of booking as this could result in delay or cancellation of the hire if the Company has no prior notification. Any costs associated with delay or cancellation will be passed to the hirer.


Health and Safety

For the safety of all concerned, the hirer may not enter the structure during the time the Marquee is being built. The company cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage sustained by the public in or around the marquee during the hire period. Under no circumstances should the hirer alter or tamper with any electrical appliance or power lead following installation. This includes extension cables. The hirer should not “plug in” any electrical appliance or power lead to existing extension cables without first discussing this with a Company representative as this can lead to mains power being overloaded resulting in tripped fuse boxes.


Last Reviewed: 16/01/2024

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