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Terms of Service / Terms and conditions / Rental Agreement

*You accept the these term when you pay a deposit.

1.1 Deposits
  1.1.1 A deposit of 30% id required for the booking & reservation of any hired item.
  1.1.2 The company charges for the rental period of the booking.
  1.1.3 Booking deposits are non-refundable up to 3 months before the date of an event, however they may be used to reschedule the booking to a    diffrent date. Rescheduling may occur administrative charges. Rescheduling must be made within 30 days of the cancellation of the original event. If cancelled before 3 months of the event, an administrative charge will be applied for time spent on your cancelled booking.
1.2 Payment for the remaining balance of the rental is due the week before the rental at the latest, late payment or non payment can result in non delivery of any items.
1.3 In the event of non-payment, and when the card is declined, the company reserves the right to place the matter in the hands of debt recovery agents and shall be entitled to a full reimbursement of any fees or disbursements paid to the debt recovery agent to aid recovery of monies outstanding to the Company.
1.4 Charging card, but we don’t have that ability ————————————————- check this

2. Liability
  2.1 As soon as the company has left the delivery, until the company returns for collection of equipment, all liability is held by the renting party.
  2.2 Regarding the point above:
   2.2.1 The renter should never leave equipment unattended.

3. Lease
  3.1 The customer agrees to lease the equipment from the hirer, and the hirer agrees to lease the equipment to the customer in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement.

4. Damage waiver & Damage
   4.1. Our damage waiver is added by default to all orders that Glasgow Gazebo Hire Ltd engages in
     4.2.1 The Damage waiver does not provide coverage for the customer in the following situations: Improper use of equipment Theft of equipment Cleaning of Overly soiled equipment Movement of “Fixed” Equipment
   Fixed equipment refers to equipment that is attached or fixed to any surface or equipment such as heaters attached to structure framework, or framework fixed to the ground via pegs, ballast, ratchets etc, and to equipment that is expected to remain where the company places it upon delivery (e.g., Flooring that is installed inside a structure or walls on a structure should not be removed) If the situation is not included within this document, then the company has the right to determine where coverage is, and is not, offered:
    4.2.2 The Damage waiver provides coverage for accidental damages to equipment and damage that may be occur during the regular use of the equipment.
    4.2.3 If damage is caused to equipment that is out with normal use e.g. paint staining, broken chairs etc. the company reserves the right to charge the full replacement costs of any damaged equipment. 
    4.2.4 The damage waiver will not provide coverage if it is clear that proper care has not been taken, such as leaving furniture outside etc
    4.2.5 If tape is used anywhere on any marquee or gazebo structure the company reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee

5. Underground & above ground services
   5.1 It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide the company with the location of any underground services (gas, water, electricity etc) that could be damaged by marquee fixing spikes. The hirer will be responsible for any costs associated with the repair to unmarked/unidentified services and associated costs relating to their interruption resulting from not being identified to the company.

6 Weather and force majeure 
    6.1 If the company deems the event or rental as unsafe due to any factors out with the reasonable control of the company including but not limited to extreme weather, then the company reserves the right to deny the delivery and fulfilment of the rental or event. 
    6.2 Payment in the event of any force majeure is as followed:
    6.2.1The balance of the travel and loading time is charged only.
    6.2.2 The remaining balance of the rental will not be charged

7. Delivery
    7.1 The company reserves the right to schedule or reschedule the delivery of equipment as it sees fit and cannot be help liable for any circumstances out with the company’s control.
    7.2 The company typically delivers several days in advance, though the company is in no way obligated to do this and does not charge for this service, and as such cannot be held responsible for any complications arising from a later delivery than anticipated, this includes the customer planning events dependent on the rented equipment before the commencement of the “rental period”, and within the deliverable period.

8. Use of equipment 
    8.1 The hirer will use the equipment in a good and careful manner and will comply with all of the manufacturers requirements and recommendations respecting the equipment, including, but not limited to, the environment and copyright law.
    8.2 The Hirer will use the Equipment for the purpose for which it was designed and not for any other purpose. 
    8.3 Unless the Hirer obtains the prior written consent of the Owner, the Hirer will not alter, modify or attach anything to the Equipment unless the alteration, modification or attachment is easily removable without damaging the functional capabilities or economic value of the 

9. Insurance 
    9.1 The Hirer will, during the whole of the Term and for as long as the Hirer has possession of the Equipment, take out, maintain and pay for insurance against loss of and damage to the Equipment for the full replacement value of the Equipment and will name the company as the loss payee.
    9.2 The insurance will be in the joint name of the company and the Hirer so that both the company and the Hirer will be protected from liability and will provide primary and non-contributing coverage for the company. The insurance policy will have a provision that it will not be modified or cancelled unless the insurer provides the company with thirty (30) days written notice stating when such modification or cancellation will be effective. 
    9.3 Upon written demand by the company, the Hirer will provide the company with an original policy or certificate evidencing such insurance. 
    9.4 The Hirer appoints the company as the Hirer's attorney-in-fact ("Attorney") with the power to maintain the above insurance and to secure payments arising out of any insurance policy required by this Agreement. The Attorney has the power to do all acts that are necessary or desirable to secure such payments. 
    9.5 If the Hirer fails to maintain and pay for such insurance, the company may, but is not obligated to, obtain such insurance, but if the company 
does obtain such insurance, the Hirer will pay to the company the cost of such insurance upon notification from the Owner of the amount. 
10 Taxes
    10.1 The Hirer will report and pay all taxes, fees and charges associated with the Equipment, with the use of the Equipment, and with revenues and profits arising out of the use of the Equipment, including, but not limited to, sales taxes, property taxes, and licence and registration fees. The Hirer will pay any and all penalties and interest for failure to pay any tax, fee or charge on or before the date on which the payment is due. The Hirer will pay any and all penalties and interest for failure to report required information to any taxing authority with jurisdiction over the Hirer or the Equipment. If the Hirer fails to do any of the foregoing, the company may, but is not obligated to, do so at the Hirer's expense. 
    10.2 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Hirer will not be required to pay any tax, fee or charge if the Hirer is contesting the validity of same in the manner prescribed by the legislation governing the imposition of same, or in the absence of a prescribed form, in a reasonable manner. However, the Hirer will indemnify and reimburse the company for damages and expenses incurred by the company arising from or related to the Hirer's failure to pay any tax, fee or charge, regardless of whether the Hirer is contesting the validity of the same or not. 
    10.3 If the Hirer fails to pay any and all taxes, fees, and charges mentioned in this Agreement and the company, on behalf of the Hirer, pays the same, the Hirer will reimburse the company for the cost upon notification from the company of the amount. 

11 Notice to hirer
    11.1 This is a lease. You are not buying the Equipment. Do not sign this Rental Agreement before you read it. You are entitled to a completed copy of this Agreement when you sign it. 

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