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delivery, hire & collection


  • This document is intended to ensure a smooth delivery, hire & collection for you and us.

  • Specific delivery or collection times cannot be given or guaranteed. Specific times can be given at a cost.

  • We urge you to read the separate terms and conditions before hiring. This is a few brief points that will help everything go smooth.

1. Delivery

  • Ensure the contact number is available.

  • Ensure grass is cut to a short length before arrival & area is clearly marked out , cleared of all items and dog waste.

  • Ensure driveway is clear before arrival.

  • Double check address on invoice, if hard to find please notify us before delivery.

  • Make sure the area is accessible, aborted delivery may result in a charge or cancellation.

  • Poor vehicular access & area conditions will be treated as delay and may be billed according to additional time spent.

2. Hire

  • Do not leave any furniture or electric outside open to the elements.

  • Do not stand on any tables or chairs.

  • Do not remove walls, stakes, pins, ratchets or pegs. This will result in you being fully liable for damage and injury.

  • Do not use sellotape on wall, framework or furniture. This may result in a cleaning fee

  • All items on the invoice are charged, regardless if they are not used or refused by the hirer.

  • All items are the responsibility of the hirer from delivery to collection.


3. Collection

  • Stack all chairs neatly before collection.

  • Any items collected dirty, not as delivered will be charged a cleaning fee per item.

  • Broken or damaged items will be charged at replacement.

  • Make sure the contact & area is accessible, aborted collection will result in a charge.

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