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Marquee heater hire Glasgow

Indirect fired oil heater hire

We stock a range of portable indirect oil fired heaters for hire. From our local depot  in Glasgow we service the whole of Scotland. Our heaters are reliable, economical and powerful, available at competitive rates. We are able to supply the heater and fuel to any need, wherever.

Delivery, collection and pick up available.


  • Fully portable – can be easily placed

  • Fully automatic operation – can run unattended

  • Light and compact – for easy transportation

  • Robust construction – will stand up to the rigour of industrial use & outdoor weather.

  • Economical – reducing running costs

  • Easy installation – plug in and switch on

  • Built in fuel tank – 12 hours heating on single tank

  • Internal thermostat – set desired temperature

Marquee heater package

For a limited time only, we are delighted to offer customers a discounted rate on all party heater and event heater hires lasting up to one week:

  • One EC32 indirect fired oil heater unit

  • -A full tank of fuel (approx. 12 hours of running time)

  • -A ducting length of up to 8 metres

  • -Delivery

  • -Collection

EC32 Package price £180 + VAT + Fuel + Delivery

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Heater uses

Were regularly deliver to help client keep warm in a verity of areas, such as:

  • Building sites

  • Retail and car showrooms

  • Exhibition halls

  • Marquees

  • Workshops

  • Factories

  • Manufacture and Industry

  • Warehouses

  • Housebuilding

Outdoor events

Outdoor events can supply heat for your event through supplying a single or multiple heaters, aiding you in choosing the most efficient product for your event. Installing the most cost effective solution.

With your heater we can provide the essential accessories with your heater including ducting, fuel, thermostats & diffusers. If there is a shortage of power available at the event or away from sources of power we can also supply a generator. 

Outdoor events can bring with them different factors to consider, certainly in winter. 

Whether your event is near or just planning, get in touch and we can help find a solution. Let us provide the solution with dependable service, fume free heaters. Just call us on 01413709893


Marquee heating with us is fume free, safe and efficient. Especially during the colder months. If keeping guests warm is a key priority for your event our range of heaters is ready for you. 

The size of your event will dictate the solution needed, our heaters are designed specifically for marquee solutions along with the range, we will have a solution for every event. Weather resistant indirect oil fired heaters give you the option of placement outside the marquee with ducting bringing hot air to where its needed.

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We also stock generators & Luxury portable toilets available to hire.
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