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Pole tent & marquee weddings throughout Scotland

Call us today, lets have a chat about your wedding. 

Marquee wedding throughout Scotland with Glasgow gazebo hire

We at Glasgow Gazebo Hire are wedding marquee hire experts.

We will work with you from initial inquiry all the way to the day of your wedding, leaving no stone unturned - covering all aspects of the hire ensuring nothing is left up to chance. 

Through a combination of in person and phone consultations, clear, transparent & broken-down quotes, fully custom 3D computer generated models of your marquee quote as well as a dedicated wedding liaison - We guarantee you will be thrilled with our service, as have an excellent team behind you to create a beautiful wedding. 

We can offer any and all structures to serve your requirements perfectly. The customisability of a clearspan marquee, the stunning elegance of our celeste pole tents, and the unmistakeable skyline of the pagoda.

Our aim is to create a one stop shop for you; heating, lighting, flooring and of course furniture! We can also handle generatrors and luxury toilets. our range of offerings is always expanding too!

We also understand the financial impact of organising a wedding, so with that in mind we offer payment plans. 

So get in touch with us today!

Pole tent or Marquee Wedding

Why a marquee wedding
You may be interested in hiring a marquee for your wedding as you've thought of hosting at your family home or a garden marquee with your favourite view. You perhaps have visited a traditional wedding venue, where the idea of weekly weddings are hurried in and out with a different colour scheme. Outdoor marquee weddings are the polar opposite.

Pole tent wedding

Marquee wedding hire Advice & Price

Call us now on 01413709893, if you have any questions we would be more than happy to help. If you are looking for some advice on the area you would like a marquee to go, what can or cannot be done to a marquee just give us a call. If you are just curious for a price, thats no problem, fill out a form here and we will email you a quote that will give you a rough price for your wedding marquee.

Marquee Wedding Venues in Central Edinburgh

Marquee Weddings

Do you want a marquee wedding in Central Edinburgh? Marquees are a hit for couples wanting an indoor and outdoor celebration. With your wedding day fast approaching, you might want to consider a marquee wedding venue. These event venues offer both wide-open spaces and intimacy. You can also decorate your area with floral arrangements, large decor, furniture, and lighting to your heart's content. A marquee wedding venue may also have other perks, such as rental equipment, entertainment facilities, and planning packages.

Edinburgh & Glasgow 

Whether you’re looking for marquee wedding venue or large estates, you can find several venues in Central Edinburgh. Also known as Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh has a vibrant atmosphere and several historical locations. These historic locations include cathedrals, art galleries, parks, and museums. Plus, this large city also offers a variety of wedding venues to explore, including hotels and restaurants.

Hiring A Marquee Venue

Can’t find a marquee wedding venue? Try hiring a marquee! Get in touch today, we have worked throughout Scotland erecting marquees at the most pleasant venues. Let us know what you are looking and we can help by recommending a couple of venues that may be suitable. We are able to accompany you at the viewing of the venue to give advice and expert tips regarding the marquee and other things you may not think of.

Rustic tables and chairs hire

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