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What type of structure are you interested in?

Clearspan marquee,

Suitable for small to large events with various sizes and high customisability.


Suitable for small gathering and pop up events, can go almost anywhere!


Ideal for small to medium events, can be used standalone or combined with other structures.

Pole tent,

Stunning tent, ideal for those events that you want to make extra special.

Structure type

Whats the occasion?

Wedding ceremony chairs hire


clear marquee hire durham




Pole tent hire Edinburgh

Event / Festival

Type of event

When is your event?

Wheres the event being held?

Event Location

How many guests will you be expecting?

How do you want your guests seated?

bench hire.jpeg

Row + Benches

Row + Chairs

poseur table marquee.jpeg


marquee wedding.jpeg

Round tables

Seating options

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